Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Late Summer Confrontation

~The Setting~ 
A Tea House Folly on an estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

~Those involved~ 

Sophia, a Philadelphia Heiress, orphaned at a young age.
She has brought her Aunt Elvira, as chaperone, to a picnic hosted  by a young gentleman, whose company she has enjoyed while visiting 
her Boston relatives.

 Aunt Elvira, one of Sophia's custodians until she comes into her fortune,
with her constant companion Tibby.
Against her better judgement, she has allowed Sophia an unsupervised 
visit with their Boston cousins.

Cecil, only son of a wealthy old New England family,
on whose estate the ensuing drama takes place.
 In just a few weeks time since meeting Sophia through friends in Boston ~ 
he has fallen in love with her. 
He has planned a picnic in the Oriental tea house on his family's estate,
 with hopes of asking her guardians for her hand in marriage.

Elvira, with great trepidation, and unaware of who their host may be, 
uncharacteristically has accepted the invitation. 
Once introduced ~ she is aghast! 
How could she have forgotten whose family lived in this vicinity!

While trying to regain her composure ~ she is further assaulted with a horrid development. A proclamation of intentions is made.

    She musters all her remaining strength, and says with a 
steady but faltering voice 
"Young man ~ call for our carriage immediately!" 

"Sophia, we are returning to Philadelphia this instant!" 

How will she explain things to poor dear Sophia?