Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unwelcome House Guests.

~ Many years in the future lived a young heiress in a stately town house on Delancey Street~


Sophia hides in her bedroom in anticipation of Aunt Elvira's visit.
What faults will she find today?

As usual, Albert, Elvira's Brother, who shares  guardianship of Sophia ~ pays attention to Tibby, ignoring Elvira's latest lecture on ~ proper housekeeping ~ proper reading material ~ proper menus

Her opinions cover every subject~including unsuitable floral arrangements,
which are promptly removed.

We all have relations like her ~ or maybe we are the relation like her!
Dear reader ~ you be the judge.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen ~ Cook & Bridget commiserate.
"Poor Miss Sophia, how does she bare it?" Bridget says
"Poor Miss Sophia?" shouts Cook~ 
"It is me and my three courses tonight that won't be pleasing her!"
They both wonder ~ how long will she stay?

McLoughlin Bros. folding house- Patented July 1894

Friday, November 4, 2011

Americans in Paris ~ Many years ago.

L'Ile St-Louis résidence de Mme Robillard

Susan, Elvira and Albert Skattergood of Philadelphia, 

Pennsylvania are on their Grand Tour of Europe.

Albert has gone on to India and Nepal, but the sisters have stayed 
in Paris, guests of a Cousin on their Mother's side of the family,
Mme. Robillard.

What to wear?

Susan complains to Elvira ~ "Our clothes are lacking in style,
we look like Philadelphia Quakers!~ me perhaps less than you
my dear ~ but still not Présentable."

Elvira retorted ~ "We are Philadelphia Quakers ~ and I for
one am proud of it. Best not to forget it dearest!"


"I am not about to walk the avenues of Paris looking like a provincial country bumpkin!"
Susan cried. "Mme. Robilliard has even offered me one of her frocks, until I have a chance 
to do some shopping. And besides, she said with my excellent pronunciation of the language no one would suspect I wasn't a native Parisian!"
"Elvira dear ~ you must let me do all the speaking- you haven't kept up!"
she continued...
"All my set back home only speak French to each other~ you have been spending too
much time up on the farm!"

Elvira's Advice

Since Losing both their parents years before, Elvira and Albert 
have done their best to bring up their younger Sister, despite her willful nature.
"Susan, we must maintain decorum, and not be ashamed of our very respectable
pedigree."stressed Elvira


Mme. Robillard, lost her husband last year, and finds herself in financial straits.
She ponders how the Skattergood fortune could be used to her advantage.
An idea is formed! She will preform  an introduction to the sisters that will be sure to
keep them ~ and their fortune here with her in Paris. At least until she can think
of a more permanent solution.