Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unwelcome House Guests.

~ Many years in the future lived a young heiress in a stately town house on Delancey Street~


Sophia hides in her bedroom in anticipation of Aunt Elvira's visit.
What faults will she find today?

As usual, Albert, Elvira's Brother, who shares  guardianship of Sophia ~ pays attention to Tibby, ignoring Elvira's latest lecture on ~ proper housekeeping ~ proper reading material ~ proper menus

Her opinions cover every subject~including unsuitable floral arrangements,
which are promptly removed.

We all have relations like her ~ or maybe we are the relation like her!
Dear reader ~ you be the judge.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen ~ Cook & Bridget commiserate.
"Poor Miss Sophia, how does she bare it?" Bridget says
"Poor Miss Sophia?" shouts Cook~ 
"It is me and my three courses tonight that won't be pleasing her!"
They both wonder ~ how long will she stay?

McLoughlin Bros. folding house- Patented July 1894


  1. I love that Victorian printed house. Is it old or a reproduction ?

  2. Troy,
    It is an original in remarkable condition, except the red binding in the center that holds everything together is starting to fray.
    It would have had cut out furniture and people.

  3. Es una pieza encantadora!! Me fascinan los juguetes antiguos!! Un saludo y feliz semana!!

  4. Thank you Pedrete, In this crazy modern world it is nice to have a place to retreat.