Sunday, June 8, 2014

Begone ~ before someone drops a house on you!

There in her office, Dottie Dinklemeyer barked orders into the phone-
“I am paying you big bucks ~ and I want results!” ~ you find her now ~ before that garden
party hostess ~ turned realtor,  Alice Fuller finds her!”

“I want that property ~ and before you can say Jackie Susann ~ that old dump 

will be torn down ~ and six new, beautiful ~ high profit raised ranches 
with river views will be standing there!”

Unbeknownst to Dottie ~ the Simpson Boys
were showing an interest in her large Cadillac!

She continued her rant, shouting into the phone ~
There were protestations on the other end of the line, but Dottie was distracted by her
notice of something happening in the periphery of her vision.

She threw down the phone and leapt to her feet 
heading for the door.

Little did she know that Gladys Simpson was coming down the 
sidewalk with the rest of her brood!

“Hey you little bastards ~ get away from there ~ get your grubby paws off my Caddy!”

The Simpson Boys scattered!

But not with out shouting ~ “Ding dong the witch is dead!”

Dottie changed her tone as she realized Gladys Simpson was behind her-
pushing her youngest in a pram.

“Oh Gladys ~Lovely day isn’t it?”

“Looking for a new house to fit all those adorable kiddies in?”
“Here’s my card- Dottie does it best!”

Dottie headed back into her office, mumbling to herself, but loud enough
for Gladys and her daughters to hear ~
“Those Catholics,  oh brother, I need to start offering additions!”

As they passed, Suzie Simpson asked " Mother ~

Why does that lady smell like a rotten egg?” 

“Listen” said Dottie- turning her attention back to the caller- 

“I am heading over to that so called country club to hob~nob with these damn hicks,
and see what other clients I can take from that ninny Alice.”

The minute you hear back- you reach me- got it?”

~ NEXT ~

What a lovely day for the Country Club,
Golf anyone?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Try to remember ~ But if you remember ~ Best to forget!

My dear readers, even though I have been absent- and the view through the small
window has been shuttered - 
The lives of the characters have continued on in all their simultaneously 
revolving universes.
Their stories will be revealed bit by bit- and all will be made known.
There are many questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved.

Daphne Dalrymple finally purchase the Skattergood house at what was 
West Acres Farm?

It has stood abandoned for years now - that is except for Josephine,

the McCallister’s runaway cow!

Has Ruth James suddenly remembered of that day in 1911, when her old friend 
Sophia Skattergood fled Yardley in tears?

What terrible secret was Sophia about to reveal to her?

Who was the man that arrived before Sophia could share her secret and board 
the train for Philadelphia?

Sophia was whisked off before Ruth could even comprehend the situation.

Little did she know ~ it might be the last she would ever see 
her beloved friend again.

Fifty Five years later ~ 

A plot is revealed to Ruth at the Country Club ~ 

It connects her long lost friend Sophia, and her new dear friend Daphne. 

In her urgency to warn Daphne ~ she makes a very rash decision,

which could turn her into the most wanted criminal in Yardley!

“ Out of my way! she shouted ~ just in time. "Oh dear, I hope he can swim! " 

" I must find Daphne right which way is it to the  library...
   where are the breaks on this contraption! "

But what did become of Sophia?

Did she and Cecil Spedden ever reunite?

“Cecil, I would like to introduce you to Percy Dalrymple ~
he and I are... betrothed.

“Please Cecil... I must explain!”

“I entreat you... please let me don't know why it could not be!”

 Cataclysmic event seemed to put an end to all their hopes forever?

 "Until you return my dearest."

In Paris, there is a chance meeting. 

“My dear, your accent... are you from Philadelphia?” the strange woman 

 asked Sophia. 

"What is your name my dear, I feel I somehow know you?"

What could cause this woman- a complete stranger to Sophia,
to be so disturbed by their meeting that she contemplates 
doing herself harm!

at the Yardley Country Club in 1966 ~ 
Will it be left to Madame Rosa, psychic and medium to solve the mystery?

~And finally- 
Will this cottage in the English countryside, seen in Madame Rosa’s 
crystal ball, lead to all the answers?

~But let’s not get ahead of ourselves~

Back to May, 1966

Just as Ruth James had advised, Daphne and Ophelia did go to the old library 
on Lake Afton to see what knowledge could be gained about the history of the
Skattergood house, and it’s inhabitants.

Little did Daphne know that just around the corner on Main Street~ someone plotted
to insure her goal would never come to fruition.

 "Find her now you half-wit detective!"

To be continued.....