Monday, September 3, 2012

A return to Philadelphia ~


Sophia has returned to the Skattergood’s house on Delancey Street,
where she has lived from infancy.
As of yet, Elvira has given no explanation to her niece for their
hurried departure from Boston.

Arriving home they are astonished at what is transpiring in the front parlor!

Uncle Albert has taken to Eastern religion, yoga and standing on his head 
for the benefit of his health- both physical and spiritual.
He is joined by a protege from the Academy- a visitor from England,
Percy Dalyrmple.

All the  furniture has been removed from the front parlor-to help induce the astral plane.
Bridget and Cook are quite rattled!

Tibby thinks "what a wonderful game!"

Elvira is outraged!
“Albert- you have done some ridiculous things in your day- 
but how dare you turn our parents home into some sort of voodoo-ashram temple!”
“Bridget close the blinds before all of Delancey Street can see my brother’s tomfoolery!"
"Albert ~ I needed to discuss a very important matter with you ~ but I can see
you are in no condition to be of any help ~ as usual!"

"Bridget~ re-pack Sophia’s trunk- she’s coming to the country with me!”

 Bridget helps Sophia pack her trunk for a trip to the country.
Elvira’s home is West Acres Farm
Just south of Yardley, Bucks County- a days trip up the Delaware River north of the city.

Where she goes matters little to Sophia- she has left her broken heart with Cecil in Ipswich.
“Why Bridget, Why does Auntie dislike Cecil so?”
“What has she against the Spedden Family- such fine people?”

Percy Dalrymple pursues an invitation to tea - he is an enthusiast of everything Asian.
Aunt Elvira, quite disgusted, is not impressed with his command of Mandarin.

She has hopes of finding a more suitable suitor for her niece in the country,
among the good Quaker stock.

“Come quickly Sofia- we shall miss our train!”

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meanwhile back in Paris-

Madame has returned back from her stroll in the Tuileries Gardens.
Waiting for her is a post from Philadelphia.

The news is shocking!

She is prostrate with grief-
she does not want to believe her transgression of the past
could cause even more pain to someone now almost twenty years later.
Especially to someone so innocent and unaware of it’s source.

Almost twenty years ago, two sisters- Elvira and Susan Scattergood 
came to Paris on their Grand Tour.
They stopped to visit a distant cousin Madame Robillard.
It is in her Salon that they were introduced to Mr. Frederic Spedden,
a wealthy American from north of Boston.

Frederic took a liking to Susan, and she to him.
Unfortunately unbeknownst to the sisters,
he was already betrothed!

But Susan’s heart was already in danger-
as well as her reputation.
Elvira did everything within her power to stop the chain of events
that would bring disgrace to her sister-
but to no avail.

And now years later- not only is Susan still paying the price-
But so will others, an entire continent away.