Friday, August 5, 2016

Where it all began....

Dear Readers,
Though this not be a continuation of the story, I wanted to     share with you a very special place.
I have taken a holiday and gone back to stay on the estate that was the inspiration and genesis of my tale. 
It has held me spellbound since my first visit so many years ago.
When I stumbled upon it, I found myself entranced. Walking the grounds was like coming home. There are no explanations for may things. All we can do is be open to where they lead us.

Sadly I'll be leaving Tomorrow, but just in time....
The Boston Pops are descending for a gala concert on the 
Great Lawn and they are expecting 5,000 spectators!
The house is already surrounded with scaffolding, sound checks, and people who have no comprehension, or interest in it's past.

Oh, why does the modern world always impinge?

My best to you all,


  1. Dear Philip, what a beautiful place! How fortunate that you stumbled upon it...(where...?).... and that you could visit again... just Ahead of the madding crowds!!! Clearly it is by the sea, and must be somewhere close to Boston...? What a monument to a completely different era! The gardens and grounds look amazing! And your pictures make the place feel timeless and as though we are walking there beside you! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. It was wonderful! Your pictures were great, such a grand and serene place. It was like walking back in time. I enjoyed the mini escape.

  3. Great photos - thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely photos and story, Phillip. I miss your stories and posts. Thank you for this.

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